Songs by Robert Burns

Bob Hay & the Jolly Beggars song book

Bard of no regard

   G           C
I am a Bard of no regard,
     G               Em
Wi' gentle folks an' a' that;
     G                C
But Homer-like, the glowrin byke,
      Em             D
Frae town to town I draw that. 
                G            C
Chorus:	For a' that, an' a' that, 
                  G               Em
            An' twice as muckle's a' that; 
                  G                  C
            I've lost but ane, I've twa behin', 
                  Em             D
            I've wife eneugh for a' that. 

I never drank the Muses' tank, 
Castalia's burn, an' a' that; 
But there it streams an' richly reams, 
My Helicon I ca' that. 

Great love I bear to a' the fair, 
Their humble slave an' a' that;  
But for how lang the flie may stang, 
Let inclination law that. 

Their tricks an' craft hae put me daft, 
They've taen me in, an' a' that; 
But clear your decks, and here's-"The Sex!" 
I like the jads for a' that. 

Arrangement © 2004 Bob Hay (BMI). All Rights Reserved.