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Bawdy Noise (2009):
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Burns' 255th Birthday 2014

Fri. Jan 24 - "It's Friday" on WUGA 91.7 FM at 3 PM.

Fri. Jan 24 - Annual Burns Concert at Flicker Bar in Athens, GA at 9 PM.

Sun. Feb. 2 - "Live at the Library" at the Athens-Clarke County Library at 3 PM

New CD. Official Release Date of
January 25, 2009 in honor of
Burns' 250th birthday.

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Bob Hay & the Jolly Beggars

In their third album of songs by Robert Burns, Bob Hay & the Jolly Beggars explore some of the Bard's bawdy songs. As with much of Burns' material, the lyrical content is partly traditional and partly his composition. In some of the songs, e.g. "Act Sederunt" and "When princes and prelates," the bawdy is mixed with political themes in a way that is signature Burns. Other songs, like "The ploughman" and "There's news, lasses, news," seem more traditional; where Burns' role was transcribing songs sung by local peasant women. The Jolly Beggars expand their musical palette a bit on this CD as well. In addition to their usual driving guitar, plunking banjo, soaring mandolin, booming bass, and slashing fiddle, they've adding some percussion and penny whistle. Sound effects are added to tie it all together in a journey from the countryside to the graveyard to the pub and beyond... more

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"I Love my Jean"

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Tam Lin (2006)

1. Bonnie Ann lyrics audio
2. Sandy and Jockey lyrics audio
3. Handsome Nell lyrics audio
4. Whistle o'er the lave o't lyrics audio
5. The rantin dog, the daddy o't lyrics audio
6. Big belly'd bottle lyrics audio
7. Awa, Whigs, awa! lyrics audio
8. The gloomy night lyrics audio
9. Meg o' the mill lyrics audio
10. Lady Onlie, honest lucky lyrics audio
11. Duncan Gray lyrics audio
12. Blythe hae I been lyrics audio
13. Tam Lin lyrics audio
14. Caledonia lyrics audio
15. I love my Jean lyrics audio
16. A red, red rose lyrics audio
17. Gude-wife count the lawin lyrics audio
18. Ae fond kiss lyrics audio

Auld Lang Syne lyrics

Bob Hay & the Jolly Beggars
Bob Hay & the Jolly Beggars was formed in 2002 after Bob played his first all Burns show... more

Tam Lin (also Tamlane or Tom Lane) is an ancient ballad, cited as early as 1549, which Robert Burns collected and published in 1792... more

Robert Burns was born in 1759 in Alloway, Ayrshire, Scotland, the son of...more

Toils Obscure (2004)

1. Rantin', rovin', Robin lyrics audio
2. Rob Mossgiel lyrics audio
3. Green Grow the Rashes, O lyrics audio
4. Bard of no regard lyrics audio
5. Hughie Graham lyrics audio
6. O Willie brew'd a peck o' maut lyrics audio
7. The lea-rig lyrics audio
8. Bonnie Doon lyrics audio
9. Collier Laddie lyrics audio
10. Crowdie lyrics audio
11. For a' that lyrics audio

Bob Hay & the Jolly Beggars

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